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California Gov. Brown Declares Drought Emergency, Resevoirs and Lakes All Over CA Runing Dry.
Last summer water managers around the various resevoirs and Lakes drained large amounts of thier bodies of water in hopes that we would have large amounts of rainfall this winter, which due to the current drought has left miles of exposed lake bottems and reseviors at all time lows. The lake levels have yet to rise and are still in rapid decline.
Sounds like it's time to get that vessel of yours prepared for an escape from the water. If you are worried about the lake/resevior level's now, don't wait till late summer/fall when the levels will be too low to even get your vessel out of the water.
 T. Parks Marine look forward to servicing you in all your boating needs and want to remind all boat owners to keep up regular maintenance in order to keep your vessel ready for summer use. You can prevent unforeseen issues to occur when you go to start your vessel with the use of fresh, new fluids and T. Parks Marine offers on the trailer outdrive servicing at affordable rates.
Fixing up and tidying up of the vessel is important. Regular maintenance for proper upkeep is always a good idea. Be prepared for anything, old mooring lines/ dock cables can break loose or weaken due to stresses from the winds and changes in weather.

Still looking for a place to store that vessel of yours? Consider also winter storage at a facility which T. Parks Marine offers in W. Sacramento, CA. for very affordable rates. This is a secure yard and a great option to leaving your vessel at risk.


Remember to protect your investment by doing routine checks of your vessels throughout the year especially before putting it away for storage. Prevent finding damage when you come back to your vessel next year, it can be costly and at times prevent by simply performing routine maintenance.

It's a Drought, Without A Doubt!

West Sacramento, CA By: Victoria Parks
 The summer season is here and the heat has kicked in! Temperatures are at an all time high for this time of year and this combined with low lake levels has caused for emergency drought situations all over California. Some counties are reporting running out of water in the next 8-15 days even.

With this in mind some boaters may still need to make repairs to their vessel as well as store it in a secure facility. Now is the time to do so as the lake levels are predicted to only continue to lower. T. Parks Marine is available for just these accommodations. Be it short or long hauls we're here for the job and promise to do it to the highest standards! T. Parks Marine also offers summer storage as well as year round storage for vessels in W. Sacramento, CA.

Occasionally vessels stored on lakes or at docks can have unfortunate encounters with  storms. In the event your vessel is involved in such an event T. Parks Marine is ready to spring forth into action for any rescue or salvage that may need occur.

Still accidents and mishaps do happen and repairs may need to be made to your vessel. A good trick for saving money with a houseboat is to call a few of your boating neighbor and get together a date when multiple boats can be pulled out and serviced. Pricing can be split between all the boats resulting in savings in the hundreds of dollars.  The savings alone can cover the costs of your yearly maintenance.      

Another way of saving money is a maintenance log. A maintenance log is a spread sheet with different boat components listed. You check off the components you inspect and make notes on any items that may be of concern to you. By doing these inspections before the boat is used, you can track issues on your vessel before they become major problems.  Logs also allow you to communicate problems to your mechanic or shop.  A good mechanic can review a log and see inconsistencies that may indicate a larger problem.
We offer log sheets you can print out and free consultation on how to use them. Click Here. 

Be Safe Out On the Waters!!!

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I-5 houseboat transport

We are experienced houseboat movers, houseboat moving, houseboat news! 
Our Company is located in the heart of California, making us the fastest responder to any houseboat moving need at any of California mountain lakes as well as surrounding out of state lakes.  Houseboat moving is our passion and with expertise in all hauling laws, including weight distribution and height concerns, we have a proven record as a top employer of the California Highway Patrol on large transports.  We haul super loads all over the United States and want to be your choice for houseboat transport.



Experience You Can Trust

Are you looking for the most experienced marine transporter in the business?  Are you tired of discount movers leaving your pride and joy stranded?

  At T. Parks Marine we have over 30 years of experience hauling oversized and custom vessels.  Our equipment is engineered to safely move your houseboat or large vessel down the street or across the country. Our team of pilot cars and technicians under the direction of Tim Parks, have the skills to move at the best value in the industry.
  We Specialize in water haul outs and water launches of your vessel.  Use this service to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on land cranes and travel lift fees.  No job is too big, as seen bellow.

Emerald Bay Custom Houseboat - 95' Long x 22' Wide
Emerald Bay Custom Houseboat - 75' Long x 20' Wide
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Use this calculator to find out how long your boat needs to be out of the water during different times of year and different places, to achieve full decontamination.